Timports Complete Timber Solutions

Oak Wood, Oak Boards, Oak Planks, Oak Slabs.

Oak Fireplace Mantelpiece.

Waney edge oak, clean, straight oak boards for sale. Buy online oak timber planks double edged, single edge, oak timber. Can be used for furniture makers, joiners, carpenters, quality European wood.

Oak Board 27mm

European Oak timber waney edge, available 27mm oak board, kiln dried to an average 10% to 15% humidity. Buy single planks of wood.

Oak Mantelpiece Beams

Oak mantelpiece beams, different styles, sizes and finishing options available.

Oak Timber Packs

Oak boards for sale, quality waney edge oak timber for carpenters, joiners, wood craftsman. Oak boards 27mm, 34mm, 40mm, 52mm 70mm and oak timber.

Timports Timber can source, supply great quality oak to suit your needs. From a single oak board for a diy shelf to a gable end for a larger project.