Oak Boules

Boule of Oak wood
If you’re looking to craft with oak wood, it’s important to choose the right boule.
A boule is according to “Making the Grade” is:
“A stack of timber formed from a log that is sawn longitudinally by a series of successive parallel cuts with the resultant waney-edged pieces then assembled to re-create the original form of the log.”

Every joiners/carpenters dream piece of wood to make bespoke furniture from boule oak wood.
Oak wood is a popular choice for furniture and other woodworking projects due to its durability and attractive grain patterns.

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  • Oak Boule Timber

    European Oak Boule Timber

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  • European Oak Boule Pack

    European Oak Boules

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  • Oak Boules Timber

    European Oak Boules Timber

    £3,074.40 (ex VAT)
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